High-level Offset printing is the core business of Graphicmasters. Our state-of-the-art technology is certified by Heidelberg, a leading global printing company.

In addition to advertising and business materials of all kinds, including posters, playbills, brochures, pamphlets, folders, letterheads, coordinates and company catalogs, our company boasts a specialization in the production of fine editions: anastatic reproductions of ancient volumes(Venice Bible, St. Hilary's Gospel Book, Leonardo Da Vinci's Atlantic Codex), art volumes, architectural volumes, historical texts.

For us at Graphicmasters, the highest quality of printing is as fundamental as the attention to detail; each job is done by combining high technology and the painstaking craftsmanship from which our Company originates.

During fabrication, each work is carefully evaluated according to its characteristics and protected with paints and lacquers suitable for the best maintenance during packaging and preservation of the product over time.

There are many finishes with which we enrich and ennoble our work: varnishing, protective lacquering, hot laminating, screen printing on details, embossing, Drip Off applications, a special innovative technique, which allows the project to be enriched directly in the printing press, simulating the effect of UV screen printing on the details of the graphics by highlighting the glossy and matte parts.