The prepress department is the first production step. Our professionals are on hand to check, design and technically optimize the files that will go to print.

Expertise, professionalism and helpfulness, combined with the operators' many years of experience, are the cornerstones of the business, which makes use of the most advanced technologies and a workflow that allows for in-depth control and security of the result, thanks to CTP (Computer To Plate) technology, control blueprints and Fogra51-certified color proofing.

Certified Color Proof

The Fogra 51-certified color proof we make guarantees a color match with the final product. Our plotter is periodically and scrupulously calibrated according to the crushings of the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 printing press, and thanks to constant calibrations and measurements we are able to achieve an excellent result in the area of fidelity on image rendering.

The calibration process is carried out through readings, taken by means of ultra-high-precision machinery, of color proofs and print proofs, which are optimally compared and equalized according to the screening of the job and the type of paper used.
Each individual project is customized and optimized ad hoc.

Control blueprints

Blueprinting allows for a simulation of the job mounted on the print sheet, realistically folded and cut. The customer can thus make sure that the executive files, after being processed and processed, do not have any anomalies or errors before the printing plants are made.